Koinè – fairtrade nonprofit association

Koinè was born in the ‘80s as a group of young volunteers, but our commitment for fairtrade has begun formally in 2007, when we established a nonprofit association based in Olgiate Comasco, a town near Como.

The greek term koinè means a language shared by different people, which transcends and goes beyond the local variants, linking groups with various culture, history and tradition. Our association aims to make manufacturers, customers and consumers speak the same language in order to improve awareness in purchase. A fairtrade product guarantees respect for human rights and for nature, fighting poverty and improving sustainable social growth especially in developing countries.

Our goal continues to be the spread of issues related to solidarity and justice. We manage a shop (‘Bottega’) offering products from fairtrade organization and social cooperatives – Italian too. Not only food and objects, but also cosmetics, party favors and travels for a complete ethical living. More, we support some projects for local development.

We believe that in this way it is possible to build together, little by little, a better world.